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Day 186 Saturday 01st October 2011

Somewhere to Run to

Today, my other half finally arrived back in Sydney. Fudge the dog (that we’re looking after) was pleased to see him, almost as much as me.

We ended up taking Fudge to Bayview Park, here in Sydney, which is where this photo was taken this afternoon. Bayview Park is a fantastic spot to take dogs – they are allowed off their leashes and can run about and meet other dogs and play in the water.

By the end of our time there, Fudge was rather wet and because we’ve got a new car, he ended up in a bright green tub next to me, so that he didn’t get the car covered in sand or water. :)

All in all, it’s been a really nice, relaxing Saturday!

Day 183 Wednesday 28th September 2011


Today, I have to say, I have had no inspiration to take any photographs. I’ve really struggled. I guess, having to get up at 5am every day now, so that I can take Fudge out for a walk and get 2 buses to work and 2 buses back, isn’t really helping me.

I feel exhausted to tell you the truth. Having 2 jobs, which are completely different and with the extra commute and the early mornings is beginning to take its tole on me. I really feel like I need a break.

Day 180 Sunday 25th September 2011


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am currently dog and house sitting. This is the dog that I am looking after. He’s called Fudge, I think he’s just over 1 years old. He has an amazing temperament.

This photo was taken whilst taking Fudge for a walk on the local beach. It had rained heavily all day. Mid afternoon there was a break in the rain and so we grabbed the opportunity to take him out and for him to burn off some energy! Also, for us to breathe in some fresh ocean air and blow the cobwebs out in the wind.

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