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Posts tagged ‘Abstract Water’

Day 275 Thursday 29th December 2011

Abstract Aqua

I was in awe of the beautiful shades of blue in the ocean today, I almost felt transfixed.

This shot was taken at a beach called Boomerang Beach, approximately 20 kilometres away from where we are staying.

On our way back, we stopped at one of the beaches at Seal Rocks and had a much needed swim. Whilst drying off, on the beach we couldn’t help but watch and smile at a local dog (which we had seen at the same beach before) which was running the entire length of the beach too and fro – chasing a flying seagull! It was if they were playing a game together, for the gull, every now and again would land on the beach, allow the dog to almost reach it and would then start flying again, teasing the dog. This went on for about an hour, even as we left the beach, we left the dog chasing the gull. They really seemed like, in some way or another, they were connected…friends, well, that’s the conclusion I came to anyhow!!

Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia


Day 208 Sunday 23rd October 2011

Sands of Time

Today, I had a relatively lazy day and it felt oh so good! Spent the majority of the day on the beach, swimming, enjoying the sun and my surroundings and feeling peaceful.

Day 176 Wednesday 21st September 2011

Abstract Water

This was taken in Sydney Harbour, I liked the abstract feel of this photograph.

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