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After 365…. Archive 5


Wild Goanna

This is a photo that I took whilst we were camping over Christmas, of a wild goanna, that came very close to our tent. I think it’s really beautiful!

Day 319 Saturday 11th February 2012


Stillness Reflects

It was a day full of change as far as weather goes today. The day started off with blue sky and then the sky turned black with thunderstorms and heavy rain. A couple of hours later, this was the sky again.
We’ve had so much rain recently, it makes you really appreciate the times like this….blue sky and peace, calm.

Day 316 Wednesday 08th February 2012


View from my Train Commute Home

I’ve been meaning to post a photo of my train ride home from work for a little while now, so…here’s one. It’s a beautiful journey.

Day 315 Tuesday 07th February 2012


Look Up

This week, I’ve been working half days, due to my back. I had a physio appointment this afternoon. This photo was taken on my walk home.

Day 312 Saturday 04th February 2012


Not Quite a Full Moon

Had a good day today, went to see my Dr about my back, who gave me some stronger anti-inflammatory medication. Starting to feel human again now! Good news, I start work on Monday, but half days for the week, due to my job requiring me to sit at a desk all day….not so great for a bad back.

This photo was taken just after the sun had set. Not quite a full moon, but beautiful non the less. I am quietly quite pleased with this shot, as I didn’t use a tripod.

Day 302 Wednesday 25th January 2012


Wishing Summer Would Show its Face Again

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer, to be honest, I am starting to get a little sick and tired of it.

Imam afraid this was the best photo I could take today…of a leaf in my garden.

Day 288 Wednesday 11th January 2012


Manly Sunrise

I ran out of my apartment this morning to watch the sunrise. It dawned on me (pardon the pun) that I’ve only got a week of sunrises to see in Manly. It’s probably going to be one of the greatest things that I am going to miss when we move next week, seeing the ocean from our apartment and seeing sunrises in Manly.

I’ve got to enjoy them whilst I still can!!

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