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Day 96 Sunday 03rd July 2011

Beautiful Bright Green Seagrass

Today, we went snorkelling at Shelly Beach again. It was a beautiful day, though during the day the wind did pick up, which made it feel rather cold.

The water was fairly choppy and because of this, the water clarity wasn’t all that great. We saw plenty of fish – all shapes and colours, but looking at the photographs upon my return home, unfortunately, the water was just too cloudy. This seagrass photo came out pretty well though, probably because it was in shallower water. I like how the light catches the tips of the grass.

My last experience at Shelly Beach, was a cold one – so this time round, I wore my winter wetsuit and boy did it make a difference, though, my hands were freezing still.

I am hoping to maybe take some underwater shots tomorrow, this time in Sydney Harbour – weather permitting that is.

Shelly Beach, Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 86 Thursday 23rd June 2011

Smile for the Camera!

After a not so great day yesterday, today, I decided to do something for me – I went snorkelling, on my own at Shelly Beach, which is part of Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve here in Sydney, Australia.

Because the water gets deep here relatively quickly, the water temperature is much colder. I wore only my spring wetsuit, no gloves and nothing on my head. Next time, I will be wearing my winter wetsuit here that is a certain!

I was transported to a different world, where I lost myself for well over an hour, the only reason why I got out, was because I could no longer feel my fingers, so I couldn’t press the buttons on my camera and my feet were really starting to go numb.

I stayed so long because of this incredibly massive school of Yellowtail Scad that kept swimming around me, I was literally in the centre. I have never in my life experienced anything like it. Even snorkelling in Thailand and off the Great Barrier Reef, I never had this kind of experience. There were literally hundreds of them and they didn’t seem phased by me at all. If I hadn’t got as cold as I did, I would have stayed much much longer. I am still shivering now, even though I am home.

I can’t get over the beauty and peace that surrounded me, like I said, I felt like I was transported in to another world.

The only thing that I had in the back of my mind, is where there are lots and lots of fish, there is usually a predator, like a shark. I was half expecting to see a grey nurse shark and although I believe they aren’t that bothered with humans, I have never seen one before and I was completely on my own (not including my new fish friends) and I have a feeling I may have freaked out ever so slightly, because these sharks – well, they look like sharks. Port Jackson sharks, which I have seen whilst snorkelling don’t look like the streamline sharks you associate with the shark species, so they are ok in my book to snorkel with, but grey nurses…on my own…I’m not so sure.

So, I was prepared to well, swim for dear life if the fish all of a sudden sped off.

Today, I felt like I was part of something rather surreal and I believe it will stay with me for a very long time.

I took over 200 photographs, but this was my favourite, I may have taken better shots, but this one made me smile – it really did feel like they were all trying to get my attention, like they were saying “pick me” “no…pick me” just look at all their funny faces! When I look at this, I hear them talking. These fish were part of the group that stayed with me for well over an hour.

Shelly Beach, Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, Manly, NSW, Australia

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