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365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 1 – Tuesday 24th March 2015

Hi everyone! It’s been a while! 3 years since I started my first 365 photography project, high time I start my second one! 

So here goes nothing…

I see beauty in a lot of things, things that most folk wouldn’t even take a second glance at. Take this photo for example. 

On my early morning walk this morning, I noticed this gum leaf suspended mid air, literally hanging by a thread – a spiders web thread. 

What made it even more beautiful to me, was that on top of the leaf – were 3 dainty berries.  They were like the cherries on the cake. 

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Cherry on the cake – scratch that… Berries on a Leaf 

Day 20 Monday 18th April 2011

I feel so fortunate to live in a place where I can swim in water that is so clear that I can see fish swimming around my feet. I love the ocean, I love everything about it – its power, its peace, its warmth, its freshness. I feel so at peace when I am around water. The ocean is my home.

Day 6 Monday 04th April 2011

I spent 30 minutes of my day collecting rubbish from my local beach and this is what I collected. By the way – Queenscliff Beach is really pretty clean, the majority of this stuff has come in on the high tides that we had last week. 50 plastic bottle tops, 28 plastic straws, cigarette lighters, 2 condom packets, 1 flip-flop, the back of a wing mirror to a car…..countless sweet wrappers and the list goes on and on and on….. PLEASE DON’T DROP LITTER…..Ultimately, it ends up in our oceans. Turtles eat anything that floats – that includes plastic bottle tops. Birds eat pretty much anything. I am so upset with what I found. Imagine the difference if everyone did this! Well, there is a worldwide project called the TwoHands Project. You should look it up on facebook. Get involved like I have. :-)

I had to bring the rubbish home, because it was so windy outside and I needed to document my findings. Isn’t it sad!!!!!

If you would like to do this yourself join a project like

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