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365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 30 – Wednesday 22nd April 2015.

Surf’s Up!

   Avoca Beach,Central Coast,NSW Australia

We’ve just come out the other side from a once in ten years storm. It was ferocious. The wind and rain were both pretty phenomenal. My little town centre  still has no electricity, so all the cafes, restaurants and shops are shut. 

The wind has finally eased up and so has the rain, which enabled me to get out at go and see the waves again. I planned to get a photo as a comparison to yesterday’s shot, on what that scene normally looks like – but the swell is still massive and there wasn’t much difference today, I might have to wait s day or 2 to get that shot for you guys. 
I saw some pretty amazing huge waves today and the light was just perfect. The surfers were also out today – lucky them! 


365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 29 – Tuesday 21st April 2015.

Massive 5 Metre (15 feet) Swell!  

Avoca Beach,Central Coast,NSW Australia 

My goodness, the weather has been insane since last night.  So many trees and power lines are down due to very strong winds. We are currently completely cut off due to fallen trees and live wires on the roads. 
Many local areas have no power, we are fortunate that we do, but we have no phone service, including mobile. 
The waves are a massive 5 metres at the moment. 
This photo is of some rocks that are usually 5 metres past sea level. You can usually walk around these to a very large rock platform, where fishermen fish, which was today completely inaccessible. 
Normally, there would be many surfers in the water, today, I never saw one (thankfully). 
Weather permitting tomorrow, I will try and get a photo of this exact same view as a comparison. 

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 23 – Wednesday 15th April 2015.

Hello Mr Garden Skink!  

Met this little fellow today in my bathroom hiding amongst my little ones bath toys. It was my dog that brought my attention to him, she doesn’t like to see animals alone or in danger. Because of her – I’ve rescued 6 dogs wandering down my road over the past year, a baby possum and a couple of blue tongue lizards. She doesn’t bark or anything  at them, she just points with her nose at them and cries, to let me know they are there. She doesn’t try to attack, I believe that she’s genuinely concerned for their welfare. 

Take this little fella for example, I placed him in a blue beaker that was close by and released him in the garden, she stood by and just watched – didn’t try and go for it – she was just interested. 
He’s now out in the garden enjoying the autumn sun. 

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 20 – Sunday 12th April 2015.

It’s a Mixed up Kind of Day


Patonga, NSW, Australia 

Upon arriving at the beach this morning, it was blue sky and sunshine. Pretty quickly – within the hour I’d say, these pretty ominous dark clouds started rolling in. The wind picked up and the temperature proceeded to drop – meaning, time to wrap up and go home. Just as we were leaving, out came the sun again. Typical!

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 18 – Friday 10th April 2015.

 White Horses

Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

I can’t describe how good it felt today, to be by the ocean – watching the local surfers, watching the extreme power of the waves surge upon the rocks. I just feel like it cleanses me. I know it cleanses me. 

Water is the thing that grounds me – honestly, I’m at my happiest when I’m by the ocean, guess that’s why I live walking distance to the beach! 
I wasn’t going to share this on here, but, feel I need to explain why I suddenly stopped posting after I completed my first 365 journey. I told you all that I was pregnant, back at the start of 2013. My son is now nearly 2! I’d planned to continue my blog. The reason I took such a big break was due to the fact that 
when I was pregnant with him, back in February 2013, I was hit by a 4×4 that didn’t stop at a stop sign and we nearly died – twice (a month after my accident, I suffered a pulmonary embolism). Long story short, my son is perfect, I’m still dealing with medical issues – and PTSD. 

completely lost my oomph for my photography. I just didn’t want to, I just couldn’t. I took photos of my son, but not my ‘proper’ photography. Not 
the photography that I was once so passionate about taking. 

So, you see, this 365 journey – number 2, is a huge turning point for me – in a completely positive direction. 

Love & light to you all X


365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 17 -Thursday 09th April 2015.

Tree of Life


Our liquidambar trees are a haven for bird life just now. The spiky seeds must be pretty delicious – as we get an awful lot of birds eating them.
Here’s one of them – a galah, also known as the rose breasted cockatoo. They’re very common here in Australia. 

The male galah has really dark brown (almost black) irises and the female has mid-brown or red irises. 
I’m going to try and capture some more photos of the birds visiting our trees – especially whilst the seeds are there for the taking. Although, some birds, such as kookaburras, prefer our trees when the branches are bare. 
Going off topic, the fund page that was set up yesterday for my friend, has in less than 24 hours raised nearly $3000 – quite incredible! 
Here’s the link again, if you’d like to make a donation. 

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 16 – Wednesday 08th April 2015.



A couple of days ago, a friend of mine passed away very suddenly, less than 48 hours after giving birth to her beautiful son. 
3 children under the age of 4 have lost their Mummy. It’s an absolute tragedy. 
We (some of her online mothers group – ladies around Australia, whom have known each other since our little ones were conceived back in 2012) are in the process of organising a funding page for this family. When it is ready, I shall post a link here on my 365 journey. I know this blog is about my photography, but it’s more than that – it’s about a year of my life and this is something that means an awful lot to me and if I can help this family in any way I can, then I will. Any contribution will gratefully be received – no matter how small. 
Love & Light x

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 15 – Tuesday 07th April 2015.

Tears in Heaven 


I have no words today – other than life is very cruel sometimes. Good and proper cruel.

Bad things happen to really good people and it is just not right. 

Sometimes life hurts more than you can imagine.  

The last couple of days will stay with me for a very long time. 

Make the most of life – you really don’t know what’s around the corner. 

Love & Light X

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 14 – Monday 06th April 2015.

Market Day



Near Wollombi, Central Coast, NSW, Australia 

Today, we went to a market in the Hunter Valley, on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. 

It was very good – lots of old things, in particular old wooden rolling pins – kept seeing heaps of them and old furniture/ plants and bits bits and bobs. 
I came away with a beautiful Jamaican chilli plant, just over a metre tall, only cost $5 and was lovingly grown by a lovely little old lady. 
This photo was taken on our way home…it’s beautiful countryside. 

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 13 – Sunday 05th April 2015.

Happy Easter!



Norah’s Head, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

For the last couple of days it has rained continuously, but this morning I woke up to beautiful blue sky! We decided to make the most of it!

My little toddler went on his first ever Easter egg hunt – and the bunny was kind enough to leave eggs for him hidden amongst the rocks. He had to be pretty quick to collect them before they melted.

This is a beautiful beach – it’s called Norah’s Head – you have to walk down some steps to get there, but once you’re down  – there’s plenty to explore! Rock pools to wade in and sea shells on the sand, bleached by the sun to collect. 

All in all, a beautiful morning!

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 12 – Saturday 04th April 2015.



 Everybody needs a little peace, quiet and harmony in their lives at least once in a while.

I always feel peaceful when I have lit a candle or two…candlelight is so soft and gentle. 

Imagine instead of the sun, we had a giant candle in the sky…imagine how peaceful and softly lit everything would be…

I wish peace, love and light on everyone who is reading this right now. x

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 11 – Friday 03rd April 2015.

Raindrops Keep Falling on my (flower) Head…


It’s Good Friday – and it is raining…

This photo is of a gerbera growing in my garden. It’s bright pink – a very happy flower – all that’s missing are a pair of eyes and a great big smile in its centre. It’s particularly happy today, because it’s raining and I’ve been naughty by not watering the garden for a little while *hangs head in shame*, so it’s finally getting the drink it’s been longing for. Sorry petal! 

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 10 – Thursday 02nd April 2015.

In Between


The Haven, Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

I seem to be drawn to photographing benches at the moment. Perhaps this is going to be a mini series – like my sofa ones during my first 365 project. Have to say, that mini series, was my favourite part of my previous 365 journey.  Will have to see where this goes…

Anyway, this bench overlooks a bay at The Haven, Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW Australia. 

Before I had my son and before my accident, my fianc√© and I used to swim here regularly – even during winter months – not in wetsuits, just in bathers. Think I may need to start doing this again – it felt so invigorating. 

365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 9 – Wednesday 01st April 2015.

Room with no Walls


Avoca Beach, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

I love sitting here, well actually, that’s not strictly true…I actually love sitting on a bench near this one, but it was in use…so this one is the next best one…in my humble opinion.
You’ll often find me sitting here, whilst out and about with my little one. I’ve usually got a lovely cup of coffee in hand…and for a little while, we just sit and watch…watch the waves roll in, people watch and more often than not, the local surfers catching waves. 


365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 8 – Tuesday 31st March 2015.

The Colour Gwinnnn


 I woke up this morning to a lovely thunderstorm…and boy did it rain!

For a brief moment, the rain stopped and I went for a quick walk with my son through this little wood. You wouldn’t know that behind these trees is a main road. 

With the rainfall,everything was glistening – including cobwebs that were suspended from branches. 

I’m trying to teach my little son about colours and today, whilst I pointed at the grass and trees, I asked him what colour they were and with great enthusiasm, he announced “Gwinnnn” 

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