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After 365….Archive 13

Drama Looming

Taken at Seal Rocks, NSW, Australia. I really liked the light in this one and the dramatic sky.


After 365…Archive 11


Waiting for the Right Moment

I watched this surfer for about 10 minutes as he stood waiting….waiting for the right moment.

This was taken up on the North Coast of NSW, Australia, back in December.

Day 354 Saturday 17th March 2012


End of the Season

Today, we went to Sydney so that my partner could play in the last game of the Summer waterpolo season. Unfortunately, his team lost today, but in my eyes he’s a winner and I am always very proud of him.

Day 347 Saturday 10th March 2012

Surfing Trio


This morning I woke up at 3am! Yes, you heard me right…3am on a Saturday! Too many things on my mind.

I decided to walk to my local beach to watch the sunrise and it was beautiful.

Avoca Beach is so incredibly beautiful and I must say, I have missed witnessing the sun rise over the ocean.

I was very tempted to put one of the sunrise shots up, but as there weren’t many clouds (not that I’m complaining about that….after all the rain we’ve had of late, a clear blue sky is welcome in my day, any day!), the sunrise wasn’t as atmospheric as I had hoped and I actually rather like this capture, of 3 surfers off for their morning surf. Felt rather envious of them actually.

Day 299 Sunday 22nd January 2012


Taking it Easy

Today, we decided to do some relaxing….we went to a local art market and I am thinking about selling some of my photography there.

The most relaxing part of today was when I took this photo, as I was in my hammock that I had just purchased and let me tell you now….it’s very very comfortable….I could get used to this!!

Day 295 Wednesday 18th January 2012


Last Night in Manly

Tonight is my last night in Manly. I have loved living here and truth be told, I am desperately going to miss it, but I can always come back and visit right? Besides, tomorrow, we start a new chapter in our lives….

This photo is of just some of the boxes that we have packed, rady for our move tomorrow. Afraid it’s not a lovely sunrise or us set, but it represents my life….right now.

Day 281 Wednesday 04th January 2012


USA v Australia Men’s Water Polo – Budgy Smugglers Water Polo ByThe Sea

Today was such a good day as we were fortunate to get tickets for the Budgy Smugglers Water Polo By The Sea match, which took place at Bondi Beach Sydney, NSW, Australia.

It was a friendly match, aiming to promote the sport. The match was held at the iconic pool Icebergs, water polo is never usually played here, so this was something special.

The match was against the men’s USA team and Australia won 10 – 7. With a crowd of over 2000 spectators including various Australian celebrities, it really was a fantastic event. Even more so, as the crowd also had kite surfers on the ocean entertaining them too!

Icebergs Pool, Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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