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Day 345 Thursday 08th March 2012


My Perfect End to a Day

I had such a full on day at work today, but thankfully my commute home only took just over an hour, which meant that I was able to get to my local beach, before it got dark.

The waves today were incredible and there was some amazing surfing going on, mostly by little boys who only looked about 8 years old, yet there they were…out there in the big surf, full of confidence and enthusiasm and they showed no fear.

Not only was the water breath taking to look at, but so was their surfing. For the first time today, I felt alive! That is the power the ocean has over me, I really mean that.

Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

Day 336 Tuesday 28th February 2012


Abstract Leaf in BLack and White

I have been so busy at work. It feels as though each day seems to merge with another, especially with the long commute that I am having to do at the moment.I feel as though my days consist of waking up, commuting, working, commuting, cooking, sleeping waking up,commuting, working,cooking, sleeping and so on and so forth. I can’t wait for my second job to end at the end of March so that I can start concentrating on my photography and truly making a career for myself!

I feel as though I owe it to myself to finally do something that I want to do! Is that selfish of me? I wonder….

Day 328 Monday 20th February 2012


Abstract Passionfruit Flower

This one’s a little different for me, I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired today. That being said, it was pleasing to come home after a long day at work and find this glorious passionfruit flower in our garden….I can’t wait for the fruit to arrive!

Day 326 Saturday 18th February 2012



Today has been a magical today, for today I was whisked away to Sydney for the weekend as part of my Christmas present from my lovely partner.

Enroute, we stopped off at a beautiful park and had a lovely picnic, which is where I took this photo. After our picnic, we headed to our hotel, we were on the 32nd floor and had amazing views of the harbour and skyscrapers. The highlight of the day though, was we went to see the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera – Love Never Dies. It was an Australian production, and it reduced me to tears – it was that good. I have always loved Phantom and a few years ago, my lovely man took me to see it, also in Sydney as a surprise for my birthday, I also have strong connections with it, from my Grandfather and also my Mum,so you see, today was very special to me. I felt like a Princess today and can’t stop smiling.

Day 310 Thursday 02nd February 2012


Abstract Bamboo

What a difference a day makes….for last night for the first night since I injured my back, I kind of slept OK. I actually managed to find a position that I didn’t feel much pain in and I feel all the better for it today. My back is still hurts when I sit, however, the pain has eased off quite considerably, which is a really positive sign.

I have found it really difficult not to unpack boxes which have yet to be opened from our house move, thankfully they had been placed in spare rooms which we aren’t currently using, so it’s easier for me not to think about sorting them out. I have had to resist temptation as I can’t afford to risk setting myself back, with all the resting I’ve had to do these last couple of days.

The heavens haven’t stopped today with their sharing of rain! I took a moment to go out in to the garden, being very careful not so slip and I took this shot of some bamboo that is growing in our garden. I love bamboo and really loved how the rain had really brought out the colours. I tried to take the shot in a kind of abstract way. Hope you like it. Now all I need is a panda ;)

I am sorry for not replying to comments recently, I just wanted to say thank you now and hat I will try to reply to them all soon!

Day 308 Tuesday 31st January 2012


Almost no Photo

Today, I have been in that much pain I almost didn’t take a photo today, which would have been the first day in this project that I would have missed (even when I had my leg operation back in March, I still took a photo, just after my op). I am a stubborn mule though and even though I was in pain, I was determined to take a photo, its not a good one, but still…it’s a photo! One of some berries in our garden.

I really struggled to physically get out of bed today, it hurts so much when I sit. It doesn’t hurt so much when I stand or walk, but when I lay down I am sore and when I sit, I feel like someone is stabbing me literally, in the back.

I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment today with a local physiotherapist, who was really good. He thinks that I may have torn a ligament in my lower back. I have some anti-inflammatory tablets, and he has strapped my back up and I basically have to rest! I can’t sit, so I have had to tell both my jobs that I won’t be in for the rest of the week, which I feel really bad about, but there’s not a lot that I can do about it.

I have another physio appointment on Friday, so hopefully, by then, my back will be heaps better (I am really hoping for this to be the case).

The good thing was, I was able to walk to my physio today and walking actually helped me a little, so tomorrow, I will try and walk for 10 minutes, to try and loosen it a little.

Day 291 Saturday 14th January 2012


The Colour of the Ocean

This morning, more packing was done and then we took the afternoon off, to go to a water polo match and then on our way home, I wanted to get a photo of the ocean, so we stopped off at a place called Freshwater, which is just around the corner from where I live right now. Freshwater is where this photo was taken. I hope you like it.

Day 286 Monday 09th January 2012


Put Some Sparkle in Your Life

Today was my first day back at work after the Christmas break. At first, it felt strange being back, though by mid morning, I felt like I hadn’t been away.

After a long day, I arrived back in Manly and went for a swim in Sydney Harbour and it was absolutely glorious!!

The water was so incredible clear and warm.

Manly, Sydney, NSW Australia

Day 280 Tuesday 03rd January 2012


The Zest of Life

Another day of packing and well…ummm….avoiding packing!!! At this rate,it will be next year that we have everything packed. Need to get our acts together and just get on with it,though, slowly slowly isn’t always a bad option as we still have time on our side.

Went to a local fruit and veg shop today and bought a huge box of oranges to juice…nothing beats fresh orange juice, especially in Summer, today was the perfect day for juicing…also a good distraction from packing ;)

Day 275 Thursday 29th December 2011

Abstract Aqua

I was in awe of the beautiful shades of blue in the ocean today, I almost felt transfixed.

This shot was taken at a beach called Boomerang Beach, approximately 20 kilometres away from where we are staying.

On our way back, we stopped at one of the beaches at Seal Rocks and had a much needed swim. Whilst drying off, on the beach we couldn’t help but watch and smile at a local dog (which we had seen at the same beach before) which was running the entire length of the beach too and fro – chasing a flying seagull! It was if they were playing a game together, for the gull, every now and again would land on the beach, allow the dog to almost reach it and would then start flying again, teasing the dog. This went on for about an hour, even as we left the beach, we left the dog chasing the gull. They really seemed like, in some way or another, they were connected…friends, well, that’s the conclusion I came to anyhow!!

Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia


Day 243 Sunday 27th November 2011

Trio of Stars

Today, I went to one of my favourite places to go and hide away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – a place called Clontarf, which is on Sydney Harbour. By late afternoon, the tide had changed and the wind picked up, bringing with it these beautiful star fish. Several of them actually came on to the beach, so I picked them up and placed them further out in to the water, trying to stop them from drying out in the sun. There were hundreds of them, never seen so many starfish in all my life. i chose this photo, because I liked the simplicity.

Day 232

Nail Varnish in Water

Today, I have really struggled with any inspiration for photographs, it’s not that I didn’t want to photograph anything, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind, so much is going on in my life right now – especially with the house that we are interested in – I hope we get it, but there are so many things that we need to do, it’s a really stressful time in our lives right now.

When I got home tonight, I knew that I hadn’t taken a photograph today and it was dark and raining outside. I wondered what one earth I could photograph – the first thing that came in to my mind, was placing nail varnish in water, this is the result.

I may experiment with this further and may be more creative with the colours etc – meaning trying different colours at the same time.

Sorry, I am not happy with this post, but it’s better than nothing.

Day 209 Monday 24th October 2011

It’s in the Details

Last night, we had said farewell to a friend…our bbq, it was the first one we bought when moving to Australia, so it’s the end of an era. It will be replaced, with something new and most probably better.

This photo is of a single leaf that is hanging from a frangipani plant which my partners parents gave us when they visited a couple of years ago, each year it flowers and then when it gets cold, it bares all. So this one leaf is a sign of things heating up – that summer is well and truly on its way.

Day 196 Tuesday 11th October 2011

Rowing at Sunrise

Before starting my day at work, I woke up early to watch the sunrise and felt all the better for it. I felt rather envious of the people rowing in this photograph, what a fabulous way to start your day! – almost as good as mine ;)

Day 179 Saturday 24th September 2011

Step Into the Unknown

Firstly, please allow me to apologise for not updating this blog for a week. I have taken photographs every day, however, I just haven’t had the time to upload them (until today).

So, today is the first day that my partner and I have been house and dog sitting for my partners colleague. We are looking after their home and their dog for almost 2 weeks.

This photo was taken as we took the dog for a walk, it was taken in a little park where water surrounds it on 3 sides and where people moor their boats.

Day 171 Friday 16th September 2011

Tree of Life

Today, has been one loooong day, which ended at 2am after consuming rather a lot of alcohol at work (we had a trivia quiz night and my team won) followed by a night in a local (to my work) bar, dancing the night away, followed by a taxi ride to Manly, where I danced some more and had a great night with my colleagues. I drank far too much and I know that I will suffer! :(

Going back to todays photo, this was taken in my lunch break, I’m afraid I didn’t have much inspiration. When I was out in the bar this evening, I did photographs of my work colleagues, but I somehow managed to photograph them in 3D! Only problem is, I don’t have a 3D tv!

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