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Day 356 Monday 19th March 2012



As I write this, the evening, I feel absolutely exhausted and it’s only Monday.

I took this photo, on my way home from physio.

I am in need of sleep and wish it was Friday tomorrow. I can but dream!

Day 345 Thursday 08th March 2012


My Perfect End to a Day

I had such a full on day at work today, but thankfully my commute home only took just over an hour, which meant that I was able to get to my local beach, before it got dark.

The waves today were incredible and there was some amazing surfing going on, mostly by little boys who only looked about 8 years old, yet there they were…out there in the big surf, full of confidence and enthusiasm and they showed no fear.

Not only was the water breath taking to look at, but so was their surfing. For the first time today, I felt alive! That is the power the ocean has over me, I really mean that.

Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia

Day 336 Tuesday 28th February 2012


Abstract Leaf in BLack and White

I have been so busy at work. It feels as though each day seems to merge with another, especially with the long commute that I am having to do at the moment.I feel as though my days consist of waking up, commuting, working, commuting, cooking, sleeping waking up,commuting, working,cooking, sleeping and so on and so forth. I can’t wait for my second job to end at the end of March so that I can start concentrating on my photography and truly making a career for myself!

I feel as though I owe it to myself to finally do something that I want to do! Is that selfish of me? I wonder….

Day 333 Saturday 25th February 2012


Flower Power

These beautiful flowers have been popping up all around our garden and we have no idea what they are, they are stunning though….that’s ne thing I do know!

Day 328 Monday 20th February 2012


Abstract Passionfruit Flower

This one’s a little different for me, I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t feeling terribly inspired today. That being said, it was pleasing to come home after a long day at work and find this glorious passionfruit flower in our garden….I can’t wait for the fruit to arrive!

Day 326 Saturday 18th February 2012



Today has been a magical today, for today I was whisked away to Sydney for the weekend as part of my Christmas present from my lovely partner.

Enroute, we stopped off at a beautiful park and had a lovely picnic, which is where I took this photo. After our picnic, we headed to our hotel, we were on the 32nd floor and had amazing views of the harbour and skyscrapers. The highlight of the day though, was we went to see the sequel to The Phantom of the Opera – Love Never Dies. It was an Australian production, and it reduced me to tears – it was that good. I have always loved Phantom and a few years ago, my lovely man took me to see it, also in Sydney as a surprise for my birthday, I also have strong connections with it, from my Grandfather and also my Mum,so you see, today was very special to me. I felt like a Princess today and can’t stop smiling.

Day 317 Thursday 09th February 2012


Passionate Passion Fruit

Wanted to try something a little different today….

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