365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 43 – Tuesday 05th May 2015.



Sometimes I wish I had wings, that I could just fly away and just be me for a little while. In saying that, if I had a choice of wings or gills, I’d choose the latter – I’m a water girl and would give anything to breathe underwater… One of my favourite books is actually about a boy/young man who realises he can breathe underwater indefinitely – and the story tells of his plight of staying underwater without being noticed by onlookers. In the end, he ends up getting scuba gear – and pretends he needs it, so as not to raise suspicion. 
One day he has enough of pretending and cycles the full length of an old wooden pier straight off the end in to the water with mesmerised onlookers in shock at what they just witnessed. 

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