365 Days – Round 2 by Samantha Goode! Day 23 – Wednesday 15th April 2015.

Hello Mr Garden Skink!  

Met this little fellow today in my bathroom hiding amongst my little ones bath toys. It was my dog that brought my attention to him, she doesn’t like to see animals alone or in danger. Because of her – I’ve rescued 6 dogs wandering down my road over the past year, a baby possum and a couple of blue tongue lizards. She doesn’t bark or anything  at them, she just points with her nose at them and cries, to let me know they are there. She doesn’t try to attack, I believe that she’s genuinely concerned for their welfare. 

Take this little fella for example, I placed him in a blue beaker that was close by and released him in the garden, she stood by and just watched – didn’t try and go for it – she was just interested. 
He’s now out in the garden enjoying the autumn sun. 

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