365 Days by Samantha Goode

1 photo a day for 365 consecutive days taken by Samantha.

Day 361 Saturday 24th March 2012

A Day of Tranquility


Today has been such a lovely day, as went to a place called The Forest of Tranquility, which is located on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia, where we went for a 5km walk and then had a picnic.

Afterwards, we drove back along the coast and stopped off at a lake which is where I took this photo. Both the water and sky were so blue.

If I hadn’t taken this shot, my other choice for today,would have been a photo that I took of a yellow bird…it was really beautiful. Perhaps I will share with you, after my 365 project comes to an end.

This photo, of the pelicans ties in really with me and my passion of water, of peace and well….tranquility.

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7 Responses to “Day 361 Saturday 24th March 2012”

    • smileonlife

      Thank you and yes…..not long now. I am planning on doing another 365 photo project, as this has really become part of my life and I feel kind of sad thinking about this one coming to an end! I will give myself a week or so off in between and will post some of the shots, like the yellow bird one, of ones on days when I found it hard to choose which photo to represent a day and there were a few days like that! :-)


    • smileonlife

      Thank you….it made a nice change from all of the grey sky and ain’t we have had recently! I plan/intend to Akers most of this nice autumn weather we are experiencing here, at the moment.



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