Day 358 Wednesday 2012

Out Came the Landing Gear…

It only took me 2 hours to get home today, so I made the most of my time and went to the local beach, hoping to photograph another sunset.

There I was, sitting on a rock, watching and listening to the waves and also looking up at the sky every now and again….monitoring how much longer I’d need to wait before the sky would start to change colour.

I had taken quite a few shots, of the cloud formation and was all poised, ready to take another shot, when right in my view came this rather haphazard pelican, who landed rather clumsily but then composed itself and went about its business….of floating and doing, well nothing really!

I am really pleased with this shot and as I uploaded it onto here, I couldn’t help but smile….I hope it has the same effect on you. 🙂

You can also see that the clouds were just starting to change colour too….btw it was a nice sunset!


12 comments on “Day 358 Wednesday 2012”

  1. A pleasing and well-timed capture – I adore pelicans, and especially so when they fly with their landing gear down! Ungainly yet beautiful at the same time. Thank you for sharing, a pleasure to view…


  2. Looks like some bizarre prehistoric flying dinosaur. Cute though 🙂


  3. This is great!! What a pose. I definitely smiled, his legs are hilarious!


  4. This definitely made me smile!! He looks so clumsy, like he is just learning how to fly :). Great shot!!


    • 🙂 he does, he does looks clumsy. Glad it made you smile. I am still smiling when I think about what happened….I’ve had people walk in to shots, cars drive in to them etc, but never a clumsy pelican :)….until now.


  5. Fantastic silhouette!


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