Day 350 Tuesday 13th March 2012

By: smileonlife

Mar 13 2012

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Category: 365 days, Australia, Life, Photography

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Focal Length:39.56mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

a Never Ending Journey

After another long day in the office, I had to wait for a while at the train station for my train and it was so hot! I was looking forward to sitting in a nice cool carriage, but that didn’t happen, instead the train was roasting hot as there was no air conditioning.After about an hour of being stuck on a train going nowhere, they announced that the train had major problems, to the point where they announced on the speaker for everyone in the last 4 carriages to get off and board the front 4 carriages, which were already full. I was already in one of the front 4 and over 100 people tried to get in. It was awful. Eventually the train started, minue the 4 rear carriages and we carried on to next stop, which was thankfully mine, because they then announced that the train was going nowhere else, I felt so sorry for everyone else.

Because my train was so late, I missed my connecting bus and so decided to hop on any one, I didn’t care to be honest! I ended up going on a really lovely journey with a very nice driver and he dropped me off st the far end of my beach and I walked home and it was bliss to paddle in the water.

What made my walk even better, was from out of a nowhere an absolutely beautiful dog appeared with a great big stick, wanting me to throw it for her, and that’s exactly what i did, for the entire length of the beach. I actually said to the dog (as if she could understand me) “where’s your owner?” and with that, with perfect timing, she turned around and ran the entire length of the beach back to wherever she came from.

I felt as though she was meant to find me, as she cheered me up no end.


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