Day 300 Monday 23rd January 2012

By: smileonlife

Jan 26 2012

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Focal Length:4.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Day 300…. 65 to go

Can’t believe that I have taken a photo for the past 300 days!

This one was taken today, as we were heading back from going to a hardware store…we were there for so long, I was getting rather bored and desperately wanted to be out, discovering the surrounding area, rather than looking at extension ladders, gutters and nails/screws (yawn).

One exciting thing that I’ve bought is a worm farm…well it’s actually called the worm cafe. I had to buy 1000 worms to go in it and that number will be increased over time.

I am really excited about this purchase, it’s environmentally friendly and will hopefully do wonders for our garden (finally have a garden!). You basically feed the worms your left over food waste, they don’t like onions or citrus fruit. They will even eat human and animal hair, not to mention newspaper. You then eventually get a liquid call worm tea which you put in your garden, it’s meant to be really good for flowers, vegetables and plants that are struggling. The worms also produce a type of compost, that’s not the right word, but it does the same thing. I am really excited about this. Now all I need to do is start naming them all 😉


2 comments on “Day 300 Monday 23rd January 2012”

  1. Good luck naming 1000+ worms! LOL. I hope to see photos of your garden soon :).


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