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Day 280 Tuesday 03rd January 2012


The Zest of Life

Another day of packing and well…ummm….avoiding packing!!! At this rate,it will be next year that we have everything packed. Need to get our acts together and just get on with it,though, slowly slowly isn’t always a bad option as we still have time on our side.

Went to a local fruit and veg shop today and bought a huge box of oranges to juice…nothing beats fresh orange juice, especially in Summer, today was the perfect day for juicing…also a good distraction from packing ;)

Day 279 Monday 02nd January 2012


A Time To Relax

Today has been mostly spent consumed with the task of packing….packing up what lives we have lead so far. It’s amazing the amount of things we have, but didn’t realise just how much! We’ll sell a few items and will donate other things to a local charity and the rest…well, that will go to our new home, which we move in to on the 19th January!! Not long now.

We rewarded our efforts with a swim at a local beach…Curl Curl, Sydney, NSW

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