Day 261 Thursday 15th December 2011

Where Summer Belongs

This is how each day should begin at this time of year…afterall, it is Summer here, in the Southern hemisphere. However, of late, the weather has been pretty awful, most days have been filled with grey clouds and rain. I wonder when Summer is planning on making an appearance.

Manly Beach, Sydney NSW, Australia


7 comments on “Day 261 Thursday 15th December 2011”

  1. There is something about a sunrise (or a sunset) over the ocean….

    When it happens over land, it can still be pretty, but, there’s something about the vastness of the sky, and the vastness of the ocean that inspires awe, and brings about a feeling of peace in the soul.

    You’ve had some beautiful photos of the early morning sun on the ocean in the past few months, and they all bring that peace to my soul.

    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful art!


  2. Are you just lucky or blessed! Your nature photography is always incredible–and beautiful. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like being in the presence of such beauty–not to mention having the skills needed to capture that beauty. Take care and thanks for making life (mine and others) more thankful and richer.


  3. I’ve been wondering exactly the same thing lately. On Sunday I went to the beach and I had to flee before the sun set because I was freezing. Where on Earth has the summer gone???
    Love the shot, by the way! Stunning colors.


    • Summer has finally arrived here….has it there?! Hope so, if not, I’ll send some sunshine your way….we have plenty, happy to share 😀


      • Yes, Sam, it finally did! Around the 21st the weather started improving considerably and going to the beach is finally possible. Thanks for the offer, anyway :).


      • Hello, sorry for not replying and for not visiting your blog recently, in a couple of weeks time, I will have more time to really have a good look! 🙂 hope you’re well.


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