Day 241 Friday 25th November 2011

Cloudiest week in more than a year

I heard on the news today – that since last Sunday, Sydneysiders have only seen 45 minutes of sunshine, making it the cloudiest week in more than a year!

For those who have followed my blog for a while, you will know how much I love seeing the sun – sunrises, sunsets, I honestly feel that the weather has penetrated my soul this week. I am over the grey skies! The weather forecast is better for Sunday, so hopefully, I will see some blue sky!


2 comments on “Day 241 Friday 25th November 2011”

  1. You know, I write to you from Argentina, follow your photographies simpre very nice.
    I am sending little Sun of our spring for you.


    • Thank you very much!, I am so pleased that you have found my blog and that you enjoy my photographs. Thank you for sending some of your sun my way – it seems to have worked, for the sun has been out to play today.


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