Day 236 Sunday 20th November 2011

A Place to Escape

Today has been a really relaxing day, which was spent trying desperately hard not to think about so many things that are happening right now in our lives. Today, was all about peace and quiet.

We went to a beach called Clareville Beach, where we had a small picnic, read books and met a really lovely lady, who was alone, drinking champagne, whilst sitting on a picnic rug. She came over to us, as we lay underneath a tree in the shade and asked whether we would like some champagne. As my partner was driving (and he doesn’t like the stuff) he politely declined, however, I said yes (well it would be rude not to) She then proceeded to pour me a large glass and told us that she designed the glass herself and that I could keep it, she then went and gave us another glass, so that we had a pair to keep!

I actually noticed when we first arrived, how she had 2 bottles and was drinking them alone…I wonder what she was celebrating! I’m hoping it’s a good sign for us also!



One comment on “Day 236 Sunday 20th November 2011”

  1. What a beautiful shot! I love days like these, with such a beautiful sky and lots of boats 🙂


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