Day 218 Wednesday 02nd November 2011

I Fell in Love with This Morning

This morning, I was awake before 6am, so that I could catch the ferry in to Sydney and then get a train to my work.

I had a treat in store for me as I waited on the ferry for it to start its journey, as the sun had risen to perforate the buildings with this amazing, tantalising glow – they just made me feel all warm and happy inside.

It was such a pleasant start to my day – I just wish that the rest of my day made me feel all warm and happy inside – it didn’t!! But then again, sunrises and water are the things that make me feel alive so it’s going to take something pretty darn special to make me feel the way I feel when I witness the sun rising over the ocean.


4 comments on “Day 218 Wednesday 02nd November 2011”

  1. This is just gorgeous, the contrast between the sky and the water, with the warmth sandwiched in between them. I love it. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. beautiful light; i love the contrast of warmth from the sun and the coolness of the blue in the water.


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