Day 217 Tuesday 01st November 2011

The Difference is a Nostril

Ah, my giddy heart!! Today, here in Australia, the nation stood still – for today, at 3pm The Melbourne Cup took place. All of my co-workers gathered in a room, drinking champagne, eating nibbles, waiting in anticipation for the horse race to begin.

I had dressed up for the occasion, wearing a rose head peace, my hair was in a 1940’s style and I wore a black, with white spot dress and my heels. I actually had several comments made about how nice I looked, by people who never notice me, so it was a nice start to my day.

I had put a very small bet on ($5) and my horse came in second I won $72 – so I can’t complain, however, if my horse had won – I would have won close to $200, still, I lost no money, no horses were harmed – so all is well. It was actually the closest finish in the history of the Melbourne Cup – literally there was just a nostril between winning and coming in second place.

This photo was taken after my ferry ride home from work


One comment on “Day 217 Tuesday 01st November 2011”

  1. sydney feels so far away and so much like a paradise… with the most important thing of the day being the Melbourne Cup! amazing! enjoy the beginning of summer… i miss Sydney and its quiet, peaceful lifestyle


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