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Day 218 Wednesday 02nd November 2011

I Fell in Love with This Morning

This morning, I was awake before 6am, so that I could catch the ferry in to Sydney and then get a train to my work.

I had a treat in store for me as I waited on the ferry for it to start its journey, as the sun had risen to perforate the buildings with this amazing, tantalising glow – they just made me feel all warm and happy inside.

It was such a pleasant start to my day – I just wish that the rest of my day made me feel all warm and happy inside – it didn’t!! But then again, sunrises and water are the things that make me feel alive so it’s going to take something pretty darn special to make me feel the way I feel when I witness the sun rising over the ocean.

Day 217 Tuesday 01st November 2011

The Difference is a Nostril

Ah, my giddy heart!! Today, here in Australia, the nation stood still – for today, at 3pm The Melbourne Cup took place. All of my co-workers gathered in a room, drinking champagne, eating nibbles, waiting in anticipation for the horse race to begin.

I had dressed up for the occasion, wearing a rose head peace, my hair was in a 1940’s style and I wore a black, with white spot dress and my heels. I actually had several comments made about how nice I looked, by people who never notice me, so it was a nice start to my day.

I had put a very small bet on ($5) and my horse came in second I won $72 – so I can’t complain, however, if my horse had won – I would have won close to $200, still, I lost no money, no horses were harmed – so all is well. It was actually the closest finish in the history of the Melbourne Cup – literally there was just a nostril between winning and coming in second place.

This photo was taken after my ferry ride home from work

Day 216 Monday 31st October 2011

Gateway to Another Realm

This morning, I rushed out of the apartment (like I so often do), to the ocean so that I could capture would I could see unfolding before my eyes as I had stared out of window out across to the ocean. The sky was absolutely incredible.

For one moment, I thought that if I wished hard enough, I could magically disappear in to another realm – just for a moment or two. Needless to say, it didn’t happen.

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