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Day 246 Wednesday 30th November 2011

Last Day of Spring

Today is the last day of Spring, although it has actually felt like Summer for a while now (excluding last week, which was just awful weather wise).

I am so looking forward to Summer and all that it brings. People, in my humble opinion seem to be happier, more easy-going and just, well…more at peace.

There were so many people jogging along the beach this morning, most were kind enough to go behind me and not right in front of me as I was taking my photographs (although some do this and I sometimes think, I know that I don’t have the right of way or anything, but would it really be that difficult just to side-step me?) There’s one man who every single day does this – he walks right in front of me, even if I’m right on the waters edge barefoot, he will literally go through the water (in trainers I hasten to add), instead of going behind me and he never ever acknowledges me – most other people who I say good morning to – (I usually do this) they will reply with a good morning back to me, this guy however, he doesn’t want to know. Perhaps it’s because he’s so focused on what he’s doing, I don’t know. It’s now kind of become my mission to try to get some sort of acknowledgement from him – even if it’s “stop saying good morning to me lady!” I think if he said that to me, the next morning I’d say good evening, just to confuse him! ;)

Day 245 Tuesday 29th November 2011

Welcome to Today

Aaahhhh….I think this photo pretty much speaks for itself. How can a day get better than this? I literally ran across to the beach this morning to watch the sunrise – the clouds were so pretty, as they were lit up by the beautiful sun. I wish all of my day was like this!!


Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 244 Monday 28th November 2011


I’m Not the Only One to Watch the Sun


It’s just before 6:00am, getting ready for another working week. So pleased that I was able to see the sunrise this morning – it sets me up for a good week, well in my eyes it does anyway.

It seems that today, I wasn’t the only one to enjoy the sunrise.

Day 243 Sunday 27th November 2011

Trio of Stars

Today, I went to one of my favourite places to go and hide away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – a place called Clontarf, which is on Sydney Harbour. By late afternoon, the tide had changed and the wind picked up, bringing with it these beautiful star fish. Several of them actually came on to the beach, so I picked them up and placed them further out in to the water, trying to stop them from drying out in the sun. There were hundreds of them, never seen so many starfish in all my life. i chose this photo, because I liked the simplicity.

Day 242 Saturday 26th November 2011

A Sight for Sore Eyes

As you would know from my previous post, we have had nothing but grey sky for a week now, even this morning – the heavens had opened yet again.

Today, we travelled up to Avoca Beach (where we are going to be moving to), to look at the house again (exciting stuff!) and to well…explore the area a little. In Sydney it was pouring down, by the time we got to Avoca Beach (which took about an hour and a half), blue sky was there to greet us. That’s a good sign I think.

After we viewed the house, we stopped for lunch and then sat on a rock and watched the local surfers, as there were some pretty amazing waves – and some of the best surfing I’ve ever seen, in person.

This photograph was taken very close to where the surfers were. The power of the water was incredible.

I know that when we move here, which is most probably going to be in January, there is going to be pl-e-n-ty for me to photograph. I felt soooo in my element today and quite honestly, really really happy!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, I hope you enjoy this photo – as much as I enjoyed watching the waves crash on to the rocks.

Day 241 Friday 25th November 2011

Cloudiest week in more than a year

I heard on the news today – that since last Sunday, Sydneysiders have only seen 45 minutes of sunshine, making it the cloudiest week in more than a year!

For those who have followed my blog for a while, you will know how much I love seeing the sun – sunrises, sunsets, I honestly feel that the weather has penetrated my soul this week. I am over the grey skies! The weather forecast is better for Sunday, so hopefully, I will see some blue sky!

Day 239 Wednesday 23rd November 2011

Into the Blue

Today, I didn’t go to work, as today it was time to meet with our Solicitor about the contract for our new home. It’s scary and exciting. I am hoping that everything works out.

This photo was taken back in Manly. It had been raining all day – with a grey miserable sky hovering over our heads all day. It was nice to see the blue in the ocean, if not the sky.

Day 238 Tuesday 22nd November 2011

Toothbrush Made for Giants

Today, it felt like winter.

After work today, I ventured in to the City – and came across something I had never seen before, as I walked in to a shopping centre, there was a contraption that you placed your wet umbrella in and it came out in a sealed bag – to seal the drops in – preventing slippery floors. Only problem was, I tried it and got my umbrella stuck – oops! I looked like a girl who didn’t belong! – and I didn’t!

I then went in to another place, where I felt lost and out of my comfort zone – I had an appointment at a beauty centre – for a facial, the only reason I went, was because I had a voucher that I’d had for almost a year and it was due to expire on Sunday and it was $280 value.

I consider myself to be a beachy girl, someone who is in their element when by the ocean, who feels alive, when close to water – a free spirit you could say, although, that being said, for one of my jobs, I have to dress in a corporate style, but out of work – I am a bit of a hippy/boho/rockabilly/’my style’ type of girl.

I had never stepped in to a place like this (and I was as nervous as hell if I’m honest) and when I sat there, patiently waiting for them to do, what ever it was they were going to do to my face, I felt my heart beating faster and I was almost at the point of making a mad dash for the lift – when I was called in to the room where they would work their magic upon my ugly face. They put lots of different things on my face, including what felt like a gigantic electric toothbrush (and actually smelt of toothpaste), I had to stop myself from laughing – because it wouldn’t have been appropriate – as the lady who was working her ‘magic’ was ever so serious about what she was doing.

After one hour of having allsorts placed upon my face, I did actually leave glowing and feeling rather free and happy.

I held myself back from skipping in the rain – though I almost did – mainly because I’d survived the toothbrush made for giants!

This photo was taken once I arrived home, in the pouring rain.

Day 237 Monday 21st November 2011

Before my Week Begins

I don’t know what this week has in store for me, but as it was just after 5:30am this morning when I took this shot, I thought that it was a good start – even if the week ends badly ( I hope it doesn’t!) – at least it started in a good way.

Manly, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Day 236 Sunday 20th November 2011

A Place to Escape

Today has been a really relaxing day, which was spent trying desperately hard not to think about so many things that are happening right now in our lives. Today, was all about peace and quiet.

We went to a beach called Clareville Beach, where we had a small picnic, read books and met a really lovely lady, who was alone, drinking champagne, whilst sitting on a picnic rug. She came over to us, as we lay underneath a tree in the shade and asked whether we would like some champagne. As my partner was driving (and he doesn’t like the stuff) he politely declined, however, I said yes (well it would be rude not to) She then proceeded to pour me a large glass and told us that she designed the glass herself and that I could keep it, she then went and gave us another glass, so that we had a pair to keep!

I actually noticed when we first arrived, how she had 2 bottles and was drinking them alone…I wonder what she was celebrating! I’m hoping it’s a good sign for us also!


Day 235 Saturday 18th November 2011

Water polo

Late afternoon today, I went to watch my partner and his team play water polo in an outdoor pool, here in Sydney. The outside temp today was 32 degrees – pretty hot!

This is actually a photograph that I took of him, I am rather happy with this photo, because it’s so different for me and really captured the essence of the game. It’s by no means an easy game to play and he played 2 games straight (2 hours in total). His team won, which is of course good news.

Day 234 Friday 18th November 2011

At the End of the Day

I couldn’t ask for a much nicer end to my working week by seeing this sunset, especially as I was out perched on some steps trying to take photographs of some waves, when for some reason or another, I looked across in the opposite direction and saw the sun setting – and it was a sight for sore eyes!

I have to say, this week has been one of the most stressful weeks of my life so far – there is soo much going on. Buying a house is not easy!!

Anyway, I hope you like this sunset – bit different for me, I’m more of a sunrise girl

Day 233 Thursday 17th November 2011

Reflect on the Day

I started my day off waiting for a bus… as I waited (and waited) I watched an Indian Mynah Bird that was in a tree that’s branches cascaded above the road. Quite frequently, the bird would swoop down on to the road below and would approach something – something that I thought was just a leaf. It turned out to be another bird – that obviously fallen out of the tree. It sadly had died. I felt so sorry for both birds, more so for the one that was alive, because it obviously felt sorrow/sadness. I could see that it wanted its companion to move, but alas, it didn’t. I felt really sad.

The rest of my day was hectic at work, followed by another commute home – followed by peace at home.

This photo was taken after I returned home and then went out to the beach to photograph a rather gloomy, rainy day.

Day 232

Nail Varnish in Water

Today, I have really struggled with any inspiration for photographs, it’s not that I didn’t want to photograph anything, I just wasn’t in the right frame of mind, so much is going on in my life right now – especially with the house that we are interested in – I hope we get it, but there are so many things that we need to do, it’s a really stressful time in our lives right now.

When I got home tonight, I knew that I hadn’t taken a photograph today and it was dark and raining outside. I wondered what one earth I could photograph – the first thing that came in to my mind, was placing nail varnish in water, this is the result.

I may experiment with this further and may be more creative with the colours etc – meaning trying different colours at the same time.

Sorry, I am not happy with this post, but it’s better than nothing.

Day 231 Tuesday 15th November 2011

Sunshine = Smiles

Today, I woke up with a smile on my face, because last night, we found out that the offer that we have put in on the house that we are interested in, has been accepted!! Looks like we’re going to be moving!

This morning, I woke up at 5:30am (this is the time I wake up most days even on weekends, which drives me crazy!).
This photo was taken, not long after I got up – taken from my balcony. I won’t lie…even though we will be moving to another place with a beautiful beach, I am going to miss living directly opposite the ocean. I’m determined to enjoy it as much as I can, whilst I can.

I hope you enjoy it too!

Day 230 Monday 14th November 2011

The Perfect Start to a New Week

I mentioned over the weekend, how we went to view a property – that we’ve had our eyes on…well….we’ve put an offer in! :) Scary bananas!! Fingers crossed they’re going to accept it and we don’t get guzumped.

It will mean saying farewell to living in Sydney, however, we’ll both still work in Sydney and will commute – about an hour every day – or just over that. At the moment, it takes me 2 hours to get home usually – commuting and that’s living in and working in Sydney, so it should be a really positive move for us and we will finally have somewhere here that we can call our own. I have to keep telling myself, that if it doesn’t happen, then it’s just not meant to be and that there is somewhere else better out there. Everything happens for a reason and all that jazz.

What a rollercoaster of a year this has been so far. I am so glad that I have been documenting it in this project – it’s a year of my life that I will never forget and I like to think that I have made some good friends via this blog – people who have decided to follow my journey – my photography.

This photo was taken this morning, again before I started my journey to work. It was the perfect start to the week. Last week was awful, in so many ways – I am determined to make this week a good one and I hope those who are reading this, will have a good week too.

Sunshine smiles :D

Day 229 Sunday 13th November 2011

A Day to Relax

Ah, today has been a very relaxing day. I put together a picnic and we went to a beach called Clontarf, which is on Sydney Harbour. It was so hot today and the water was so refreshing. We ate, we swam, we ate some more, we read, I dozed, drank coffee – all in all a l o v e l y day :)

Day 228 Saturday 12th November 2011

Step on to the Light

The weekend is finally here, that’s a reason to smile!

Today, we headed up to the Central Coast of NSW, Australia to look again at a house that we are interested in, it would be so nice if we could be in a house before Christmas – time will tell.

This photo was taken, after we arrived back in Sydney. We stopped at a beach, for a swim and a bit of chill-out time. This Pelican was close to where our car was parked.

Day 227 Friday 11th November 2011

6 Boats

This was taken en route to work today, I was hoping that today was going to be better than yesterday, it wasn’t, apart from the end of the day, where I went to a charity casino night at my partners office – to raise money for orphans in Africa. It was a fantastic night. For the first time in my life, I played poker – and I actually wasn’t too bad! Really good company, with lots of laughter all round – and instead of people winning money, the person with the most chips at the end of the night won a prize, like a bottle of wine. It was really rather entertaining and I think I had a rather good poker face ;)

Day 226 Thursday 10th November 2011

Four Steps

This morning, I have to say, was the best part of my day, for today, was a day that was filled with chaos, demands and hardly finding time to breathe. It’s been a really stressful week and to be honest, I will be glad when it’s over. If only the remainder of my day – had been as tranquil as the start. I should be grateful really, that I had a moment of peace.

Day 222 Sunday 06th November 2011

Introducing my New Friend….Gilbert

Had a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon today. We went to a beach called Clareville beach, Sydney. Where I read some of a book I’ve been trying to find the time to read. Went swimming, took lots of photographs of all of the boats that were moored around the area. One of these photographs was going to be my photo for today, however, this little chap decided to make my top its temporary home. I’ve no idea what it was, but it was about an inch long and was paper-thin and was honestly adorable.

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