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Day 211 Wednesday 26th October 2011

When the Rain Subsides

It’s been a funny week so far, not only in my life with its twists and turns but also in the weather. On Monday, it was so hot and beautiful – edge to edge blue sky but by Tuesday it was grey, miserable and cold, like Winter had come in for one last look. Today, it’s been a mix – rain, sun, rain more rain and now some blue sky – just before the sun calls it quits for another day and the moon says hello.

This was taken on my walk back home, along the beach, paddling in the water, cooling my aching feet from wearing heels all day at work. My feet, as are the other parts of my body, far more happier near/in water, than stuck in an office in front of a computer all day.

I dream of becoming a full-time photographer – one day I hope my dream may come true. Where’s a shooting star when you need one?!

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