Day 204 Wednesday 19th October 2011

Wild Wallaby Joey

Today, unfortunately is the last day of our trip. This joey and her mother stayed around by our tent for the majority of our stay, she in fact, is the one who entered our tent yesterday. The joey was so incredibly sweet. For a lot of our days, we spent our time, just watching the wildlife, including this joey and others – as their Mums allowed them out of their pouches and we watched them take tiny steps – hopping around as if to impress Mum. They truly were cute and beautiful.

In my other posts, I’ve mentioned how we had a night-time visitor – a possum, well last night – he exceeded himself. I came out of bedroom to find carnage…he’d managed to open the tent up in the night (he worked out that we had a dodgy zip and that if he pressed himself against it, he could open the tent up) he ate half a packed of cheese crackers, some marshmallows that were in a sealed bag, some tortilla chips and the thing I was most upset about was the fact that he ate an entire family sized bar of chocolate – that hadn’t even been opened, it was still in its foil, then wrapped in cardboard!! All he left us was mess, including pee, poo and crumbs everywhere – and I mean everywhere.

We now have a long journey ahead to get back to Sydney to go to work tomorrow – 😦


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