Day 202 Monday 17th October 2011

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon…

This is where we have spent the last few days camping…can’t get much more peaceful than this.

These Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Redneck Wallabies were lying about in the mid afternoon sun, relaxing after a long day and night of well…not doing too much.

Speaking of wallabies…I was photographing a wallaby and her joey that were by the entrance of our tent, busy eating grass. I sat on the floor, so that I could take some photos of them and then I decided to video them. No sooner had I started videoing, the wallaby decided to venture in to our tent! She then used my lap to help her get up near the table where I had prepared some salad. Cheeky lady!! 🙂 I ended up calling out to my partner so that he could help move her on her way, bless her.

We had another possum visitor in our tent during the night, this time, he helped himself to carrots and licked the humous bowl clean!


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