Day 201 Sunday 16th October 2011

Beach Erosion

So this is our ‘local’ beach for the next few days. The last time I was at this beach, over a year ago, it was wide, flat and beautiful. It’s still beautiful, but the beach has eroded a lot. I am 6 feet tall and the height of the sand in this photo was taller than me.

We are here camping. In the morning, I wake up to view this beach that goes on and on and on. Behind the beach, is a beautiful National Park, where trees grow tall and animals roam free.

Speaking of roaming animals. Last night we had a visitor in our tent. He woke us at 2am making a horrific noise. When we ventured in to the room that the intruder was in, we found a possum eating an apple – he’d already eaten one. He was making so much noise, because he was getting frustrated as he couldn’t get out of the tent. When my partner opened the tent, the possum proceeded to drag a third whole apple, in the bag it was in – he succeeded. It was rather funny to be honest.


4 comments on “Day 201 Sunday 16th October 2011”

  1. Perfect composition of water, earth, and sky – nice!


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