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Day 203 Tuesday 18th October 2011

Seal of Approval

Today has to be one of the best days of our short trip. Today, we went whale watching and also to view some wild Australian Fur Seals on an island 9kms from the mainland of NSW, Australia.

We were on a relatively small boat, with just one other couple, plus the Skipper whose name was Wazza, who was very passionate about his job.

I have to say, in the last 4 years, we’ve been on around 6 to 8 humpback whale watching trips and have always only seen tail slapping and their ‘humps’. Today was very very different, I actually lost count of the amount of times we saw whales breach, right before us. I was in absolute awe and in my heaven. I seriously could not stop smiling. I have to say though, because I was so awe-struck, I didn’t take any photographs of them breaching, I was too busy enjoying them.

After following a whale and her calf for quite some time, we then made our way to this island that is home to Australian Fur Seals. They were so amazing. Many of them plopped off the rocks they were resting on, to come over to our boat, almost as though they were trying to say hello.

I will never forget today.

Day 202 Monday 17th October 2011

Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon…

This is where we have spent the last few days camping…can’t get much more peaceful than this.

These Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Redneck Wallabies were lying about in the mid afternoon sun, relaxing after a long day and night of well…not doing too much.

Speaking of wallabies…I was photographing a wallaby and her joey that were by the entrance of our tent, busy eating grass. I sat on the floor, so that I could take some photos of them and then I decided to video them. No sooner had I started videoing, the wallaby decided to venture in to our tent! She then used my lap to help her get up near the table where I had prepared some salad. Cheeky lady!! :) I ended up calling out to my partner so that he could help move her on her way, bless her.

We had another possum visitor in our tent during the night, this time, he helped himself to carrots and licked the humous bowl clean!

Day 201 Sunday 16th October 2011

Beach Erosion

So this is our ‘local’ beach for the next few days. The last time I was at this beach, over a year ago, it was wide, flat and beautiful. It’s still beautiful, but the beach has eroded a lot. I am 6 feet tall and the height of the sand in this photo was taller than me.

We are here camping. In the morning, I wake up to view this beach that goes on and on and on. Behind the beach, is a beautiful National Park, where trees grow tall and animals roam free.

Speaking of roaming animals. Last night we had a visitor in our tent. He woke us at 2am making a horrific noise. When we ventured in to the room that the intruder was in, we found a possum eating an apple – he’d already eaten one. He was making so much noise, because he was getting frustrated as he couldn’t get out of the tent. When my partner opened the tent, the possum proceeded to drag a third whole apple, in the bag it was in – he succeeded. It was rather funny to be honest.

Day 200 Saturday 15th October 2011

Wild Wallaby & Her Joey

This beautiful wallaby and her joey were there to greet us as we arrived at our final destination today of our few days away. It’s a beautiful part of NSW and it’s where we’ve seen the most wild wallabies and kangaroos since we moved to Australia.

Kangaroos and wallabies weren’t the only wildlife that we encountered today, we also came across our first wild snake – a red bellied black snake – not one to mess with!! Thankfully, we were in the safety of our car at the time. It was beautiful mind.

Going back to todays photo…how cute is the joey?!!

Day 199 Friday 14th October 2011

Time for a Break!!!

After a long week, today after work we headed on a road trip, down the south coast of NSW, Australia. We drove for about 4 hours and stopped in a little town called Mollymook. This photograph was taken before we arrived there. This was part one of a two-part journey…the second part comes tomorrow…..

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