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Day 182 Tuesday 27th September 2011

A Place to Contemplate

Today, my partner went to Perth, Western Australia. He has left me for a few days, whilst I look after his colleagues home and dog (!) He went on business.

It felt strange tonight, walking in to someone elses home, looking after someone elses dog, whilst my man is off gallivanting across Australia! All I can say is, I hope he brings be back something nice! – a smile will do :)

Today is my half way mark!! I have done this for 6 months now! :-) Woo hoo!!!!

Day 181 Monday 26th September 2011

Out & About

Today, I spent the majority of my afternoon taking photographs for my job again. I love getting out of the office. It’s so good getting away from the computer.

This is a photo of some bushland that I came across. Sorry nothing very exciting for today’s post I’m afraid.

Day 180 Sunday 25th September 2011


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am currently dog and house sitting. This is the dog that I am looking after. He’s called Fudge, I think he’s just over 1 years old. He has an amazing temperament.

This photo was taken whilst taking Fudge for a walk on the local beach. It had rained heavily all day. Mid afternoon there was a break in the rain and so we grabbed the opportunity to take him out and for him to burn off some energy! Also, for us to breathe in some fresh ocean air and blow the cobwebs out in the wind.

Day 179 Saturday 24th September 2011

Step Into the Unknown

Firstly, please allow me to apologise for not updating this blog for a week. I have taken photographs every day, however, I just haven’t had the time to upload them (until today).

So, today is the first day that my partner and I have been house and dog sitting for my partners colleague. We are looking after their home and their dog for almost 2 weeks.

This photo was taken as we took the dog for a walk, it was taken in a little park where water surrounds it on 3 sides and where people moor their boats.

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