Day 173 Sunday 18th September 2011

kayaking to Cogra Bay

Today, was such a wonderful day, I absolutely loved it. A very dear friend of mine and her husband invited my partner and I over to her weekend home at Cogra Bay for lunch, on the Hawkesbury River (in Sydney). You can only get to Cogra Bay by boat, there are no roads.

We decided to go over to Cogra Bay on our double kayak. As its tidal there, we checked the times of high tide and at 11:45am we headed off.

It was so peaceful, the paddle over. The water was calm and the air was so still, hardly a breeze. It was perfect! Whilst paddling over, we saw 7 large jellyfish – about 10 inches in diameter, they looked so beautiful, a beautiful light red colour.

We followed the coastline and around the point we went, to see several jetties, which we paddled past and there I saw my friend, standing on their jetty, waving to us.

Armed with a bottle of wine and our little bag of supplies (oh and my camera, which isn’t waterproof btw) we made our way on to land.

Up the steps we went and in to their lovely little home we had a beautiful lunch, talked, laughed and just enjoyed the good company and beautiful surroundings.

My friend (and her gorgeous dog) showed us around afterwards. The views were stunning and to be honest, I didn’t want to leave. However, we knew that time was against us – due to it being tidal.

Whilst we were having lunch the southerly wind really picked up, thankfully we weren’t going against it, but we would be going against the tide.

I mentioned earlier, how calm the water was going over, on the way back, it was a different story! It wasn’t terrible, but it was hard work. We made it back to our starting point but the only problem we had, was the point of land that we had launched ourselves from was now surrounded by wet, muddy very slippery rocks, some covered in razor-sharp oyster shells.

My partner got out of the kayak first. He had a bit of a wobble on the rocks, as they were slippery, but he managed to stay upright. Me on the other hand, well lets just say, I looked like a pig in mud by the end of it! πŸ™‚ Every time I tried to stand up, I slipped. My flip-flops (thongs) had no grip what so ever and bare foot was even worse. In the end, my partner had to come and be my knight in shining over and keep me up! I couldn’t stop laughing. I literally had tears rolling down my face, from laughing so much, which of course, didn’t help the situation.

Eventually I made it to dry land, but as I was covered in so much mud (lol) and as our car is pretty new, I sat on a towel in the car with my legs/feet in a big blue Ikea bag!


2 comments on “Day 173 Sunday 18th September 2011”

  1. I love this photo–it just screams (in a nice way πŸ™‚ of adventures on the water. Glad you had a great day and glad you had the Ikea bag for the car! Thanks for sharing!


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