Day 172 Saturday 17th September 2011

Just Hanging Around – Flying Foxes/Fruit Bats

I was right in my previous post, today…I had a terrible hangover, but I can only blame myself, (apart from being unaware that for part of the night, I was drinking double vodka’s) but I had a fantastic night. It’s been a long time since I last danced! My feeling ‘unwell’ hasn’t been helped either, by the fact that I came in at 2am and then woke up naturally at 6am… so I’ve had a total of 4 hours sleep.

We went up to the Central Coast of NSW, Australia today, to view some more houses and to go back to one that we visited a few weeks ago. Whilst we were waiting for the Real Estate Agent to turn up, I spied some trees that were full to the brim with Flying Foxes aka as Fruit Bats. They were making such a noise, but I rather liked it, though, I’m sure that if I lived directly opposite, the noise would annoy me.

They were rather funny to watch, bickering amongst themselves. I love them.


2 comments on “Day 172 Saturday 17th September 2011”

  1. My first time on Australia, in about 2004 or 2005, I saw these in the Sydney Botanical Garden…thought they were some kind of big hanging fruit or something, until one lazily stretched out a wing. I know people hate them, but I think they are wonderful (wouldn’t want to live near them but like visiting them)


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