Day 151 Saturday 27th August 2011

Strange Sunrise

I took this at 6:37am this morning (it’s now 6:59am as I write this). I woke up early, panicking that I had missed my alarm going off, to get ready for work…it then dawned on me that it was Saturday = no work!! woo hoo! I looked out from our balcony window to watch the ocean, but I could hardly see the ocean, due to this incredible sea mist/fog – it felt quite surreal. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera and went out to take some photographs…

I’m busy snapping away, 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 photographs…then on the 6th photograph my camera kindly informs me that my internal memory is out of space (not mine…the cameras in case you are wondering, I have a very good memory!:-) ) When I downloaded my photograph for yesterday’s entry, I left the memory card in my laptop. I could have kicked myself. I knew that although I live right opposite the ocean, I wouldn’t have time to go home and get the card, things were changing too quickly for that.

So I had to take photographs and delete as I went along, it was quite difficult only being able to take 6 photographs.

Because of the sea mist, the sunrise was so weird, it was very peaceful to watch, but felt somewhat eerie. The water looked beautiful also, so incredibly clear. Oh, and I stung the bottom of my foot, by stepping on the tentacle of a blue-bottle jellyfish.

As I look out the window now(it’s now 7:12am), the sun is fighting its way through the mist and it’s so bright – I feel as though I should be wearing sunglasses inside. I’m also starting to see blue sky – so it looks like maybe it will be a nice day!

Winter has almost come to an end here in Australia, I can’t wait for Spring!! 🙂


12 comments on “Day 151 Saturday 27th August 2011”

  1. Love the atmospheric quality.


  2. Amazing Photograph… Loved it !


  3. Very, very, nice photo.


  4. All I can say is that it’s extremely fortunate you had those 6 shots of internal memory, cos to miss something as amazingly moody as this would have been almost criminal.. You sure do live in an amazing place..


    • I couldn’t agree with you more – and I will be sure to never do something so daft again (well I hope not!) I’m glad you like this shot. Thank you again 🙂


  5. I’ve seen skies like that, and I love the colors they create. I wish I’ll catch another sunset with such a great sky!


  6. Beautiful 🙂


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