Day 144 Saturday 20th Augudst 2011

Double the Beauty

Today, we went up the coast again, looking at property. We went to view the same house that we viewed last week and yet again, there were lots of kookaburras – approximately 8, all singing – but their song sounds more like a chimpanzee, they always make me smile. I couldn’t help but think that seeing these 2, was a good sign – for our potential house move. Every single day for the past week (since our first house hunt) I have seen a kookaburra – where one has literally flown right by me. Maybe they’re looking out for me? 🙂


2 comments on “Day 144 Saturday 20th Augudst 2011”

  1. i really like each one of your kookaburra photos; this one is great because it captures them in their exemplary pose. and of course it is amazing that you’re able to get two at once. a good sign, definitely.


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