Day 142 Thursday 18th August 2011

Caught in Action

This Rainbow Lorikeet was in the tree near a table I was sat at, in my lunch break. It was munching away on the buds, really munching! I felt a little sad for the tree. A few weeks ago, the tree was completely bare and as I work in this particular job, on 2 days a week, each week, I see a big difference in the tree. That’s why I felt a little sad for the tree, because I felt like it had tried its hardest to fight winter and prepare for spring, which is fast approaching.


6 comments on “Day 142 Thursday 18th August 2011”

  1. Lovely lovely bird and photo! 🙂 (It looks like it’s wearing a handknitted top!) Where I used to live (in a city unlike now) there was a Sycamore tree that was stripped nearly bare by a grey squirrel. It’s sad.


  2. You certainly do have some of the most amazingly colourful birds out there… Not like our drab and dreary sparrows… lol… Real nice catch Samantha…


  3. I love the bright colours! We have them at a special bird zoo here in Holland, where you can feed them. I love ’em 🙂


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