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Day 139 Monday 15th August 2011


I seem to be taking a lot of bird shots recently – I’ve not set out to do this….it’s just happened. Take todays photograph for example…

I went for a walk in my half hour lunch break and found a little garden with a table and a bench. It was a little hideaway for me and I only wish that I had stumbled upon it earlier…now I have a new place to go during my lunch, when I want to escape.

Out from my bag, I took something to read and then something caught my eye, it was this Kookaburra, he’d caught a worm. He was so fluffed up and gorgeous. He didn’t seem bothered by me at all and seemed rather happy to let me snap away at him posing, first on the ground and then up on a branch of a tree, where he proceeded to look at me, lift his tail feathers and then poo on the ground beneath him! There was a fair bit of other poo on the ground (sorry if too much information) but I was rather happy at seeing this, as I think he actually lives he, going by what he’d so kindly left on the ground! So tomorrow, I will go there again to see my new feathered friend. I just need to think of a name for him…any suggestions?!!

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