Day 137 Saturday 13th August 2011

House Hunting

Today, we left Sydney early and drove about 11/2 hours to get to a place called Avoca – which is on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. We were on a mission…to look at properties for sale, as we hoping to move in November.

Since moving to Australia, we have rented, but feel that now is the time to buy a house, as we both consider Australia our home now.

We only viewed 2 houses, but 1 in particular, I fell in love with. It was very quirky (like me) and needed a little bit of tlc. It had really high ceilings and well, it was just a great house. We’ll have to see what happens, as it’s early days. We mainly went up there to view the area an suss out how long it would take to commute to Sydney each day for work etc…

Whilst driving about, I asked my partner to stop the car, as I spied this beautiful bird along with a couple of others. I don’t know what type of bird it is, other than it’s a beauty!!


7 comments on “Day 137 Saturday 13th August 2011”

  1. Well good luck on the house hunting…. which is the fun part… It’s the actual buying and selling that ruins it for me… lol… As for your bird, I’d guess at it being a Red Lorikeet, but that is just a guess… It’s the right colour at least… 😉


  2. I just moved to the Central Coast myself (Point Frederick/Gosford) happy hunting!


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