Day 133 Tuesday 09th August 2011

The Big Issue

Another beautiful sunrise en route to work.

After a long, busy day at work, I was waiting for a bus, one which I don’t usually go on and I met a man who sells The Big Issue. He was in a wheelchair and was waiting for a bus too. He couldn’t speak, however, he had this amazing machine which he carried on his lap, where he could type words, he could see the words he wrote on one little screen and I could look at a screen that faced me. Holding a $10 note in my hand (I’d planned to tell him to keep the change) – they sell for just over $5) I asked him if I could buy a copy of the Big Issue, he proceeded to type that he had sold out and wouldn’t be getting any more copies until Saturday. I said that it was good that he had sold out…. I gave him the money anyway.

He then started to point to his eyes and then at mine, but I didn’t quite understand what he was trying to say, so I asked him.He then went to his brilliant machine and typed I had eyes that looked cross (meaning angry) I said no, I’m not cross, just tired. He then started to laugh and proceeded to type some more…He then said that my eyes were cross life his wife!! He couldn’t stop laughing, nor could I. We ended up catching the same bus and I sat next to him and for around 40 minutes we ‘chatted’.

I found out that his name is Howard, he’s been selling the Big Issue for 13 years and has been married for 26 years….with him saying that, I said it’s no wonder his wife looks cross – if she’s been married that long, I said with a cheeky smile….again, he couldn’t stop laughing.

His wife is type 1 diabetic and is also in a wheelchair.

I asked him whether he wanted me to tell him when we got to his destination, but he replied that he knew his way around…I then answered – more than me…and again he couldn’t stop smiling.

I have to say, it was one of the most enjoyable conversations I’ve had in a long time.

He told me that he hoped to see me again and after he got off the bus, through the window he pointed with 2 fingers to his eyes and then pointed to me and though to say see you again.

I hope I will meet Howard again one day soon.


6 comments on “Day 133 Tuesday 09th August 2011”

  1. I hope so, too, and that when you do, you share that second meeting. Such a beautiful conversation to share, after the fact!


    • Thank you very much Deborah for your comment. I am sure our paths (Howard’s and mine) will cross again. I really hope so. I’m still thinking about the conversation we shared and it’s been a few days now, so he had a real effect on me.


  2. What an excellent story and picture to match.


  3. That is so great! Love the photo btw 🙂


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