Day 130 Saturday 06th August 2011


Today was such a lovely day – for the first time in absolutely ages, we spent the day at the beach, my partner surfed, I had a swim and I also practiced taking photographs with my new camera. This was one of the photographs that I captured.

Bungen Beach, Northern Beaches, Sydney, NSW, Australia


5 comments on “Day 130 Saturday 06th August 2011”

  1. I really like the energy and power in this shot. I really wish I could surf but unfortunately I have the balance of Bambi on ice with roller blades!


    • Thanks Astra….this was my first attempt at capturing surfing with my new camera – I’m quite pleased with this one. I really like his hand!

      I have a funny image in my head now of you trying to surf, I can’t surf either…well, I’ve only attempted it a couple of times, I really need to try again…especially as I have my own surfboard. My problem is, I can’t stand up! So for me, bodyboarding is what I do – and I love it. I’ve on some pretty big waves, where I’ve clung to my board for dear life and the adrenlin has rushed around my body.


  2. Thank you….I’m pretty pleased with this one, I hope to be able to take more shots like this!!


  3. A real action shot! I like the way you have given space for the rolling wave In my eyes this adds to the drama. Hopefully the surfer was able to ride the full wave.


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