Day 124 Sunday 31st July 2011

Heart Warming Sunrise

Today, has been an amazing day. Firstly because today, I am celebrating being with my partner for 6 years. We celebrated by spending the weekend away in Jervis Bay and today, we went whale and dolphin watching. We saw several dolphins who came really close to the boat and we saw only a couple of humpback whales – still, better than nothing!! I was so in awe of the bottlenose dolphins that I’m afraid I didn’t take too many photographs of them, so instead, I will have to share this sunrise photograph that I took this morning. It was such a perfect start to the day.

Ah, it’s been such a beautiful weekend away, I wish that it didn’t have to come to an end.

Again, I’m sorry I’ve not replied to comments and viewed others work, I’ll catch up from tomorrow. I am a bad girl!! 😉 I’ve not forgotten you, it’s just that last week, was my first 5 day work week, since I was ill, so I’ve been snowed under.


5 comments on “Day 124 Sunday 31st July 2011”

  1. The beauty of the nature captured in a photograph is enough to become wordless that may describe the happiness that you feel. Happy Anniversary to both of you ♥

    Such a beautiful shot that could lasts a lifetime!


  2. Congratulations ! and I am glad you had a great get-a-way. I missed a week of my project. I ended up in hospital last week Saturday and stayed for a week. All is fine now. It was impossible for me to take photos, so I have decided to end my project a week later. I didn’t want to start from the beginning again. Anyway I need to catch up on your work. I think I have missed almost 2 weeks worth :-((( Very bad.


    • Oh no!! I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t been well. Hope you are ok now? It’s a good idea just adding a week on the end, it can’t be helped if you weren’t well.


  3. Congrats on the anniversary, Sam! It seems like you’ve been celebrating a lot lately :). I love this shot, it’s so peaceful, still and beautiful. It really does warm the heart.


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