Day 120 Wednesday 27th July 2011


This is a night shot of Manly, that I took on my way home from work.


6 comments on “Day 120 Wednesday 27th July 2011”

  1. I sure do love night shots, but don’t always like the thought of being out after dark loaded up with camera gear… Looks like you have a real nice journey home judging by your shot…


    • Thank you, I took this just with my camera and no tripod or anything eve to lean on. I was worried that it wouldn’t come out very well, but I’m quite pleased with it. I feel much the same as you and I guess that’s why I don’t take many night shots, as much as I like them.


  2. I have never thought to do a night shot in Black and White. Must try it!


  3. oops pressed post too soon. It is a great shot btw 🙂


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