Day 114 Thursday 21st July 2011


For over 24 hours, it has rained here constantly, – and when I it ’s rained I mean it has poured down. I ended up coming home this evening, with shoes full of water.

This photo is of a local field which I try to walk around when I can. Today, it wasn’t really possible as it was more like a paddy field than a sports field. The butterflies that you can see aren’t real – though I wish they were, instead, they are butterflies that are on my umbrella – which was the very first thing that I bought when I first moved to Australia. I bought this umbrella, because it brings a little bit of happiness on miserable days like today. It’s bright blue and the butterflies are vivid beautiful colours. I somehow prefered this photo in black and white.


12 comments on “Day 114 Thursday 21st July 2011”

  1. That’s a lovely photo, it’s funny how we here complain about the heat and sun, and you about the rain haha! I love rain! 😉


  2. Always finding the happy even in a down pour, excellent! I find myself stooping to look out underneath the umbrella, getting a slight of the rain and ducking back under. Excellent photo


  3. Very cool looking. I wouldn’t tell anybody the butterflies weren’t real unless they asked.


  4. This is so creative 🙂 I really like it! Cool umbrella btw 😉


  5. great detail in the umbrella!


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