Day 112 Tuesday 19th July 2011

Beautiful Sydney

Today, I ventured in to the City. It was the perfect day – weather wise for a ferry trip. The ferry journey takes half an hour and I never-never tire of this view – I still have to pinch myself, that I live here – I mean look at it….isn’t it just glorious? What a perfect Winters day.

Sydney, NSW, Australia


6 comments on “Day 112 Tuesday 19th July 2011”

  1. Like like like like! I get a bit jealous often when I see your pictures, wishing I lived at such a great place:) But I love to experience this great place through your pictures šŸ™‚ It doesn’t look so cold btw, aren’t your winters cold?


    • Thank you that’s such an incredibly nice thing to say! This morning, when I took this, it was really rather warm for Winter, but now, it is freezing cold, well, to me it feels very cold, I think it’s about 13 degrees right now, which is pretty cold for here. This morning though, it was perfect, about 18 degrees, but with the sun out, it felt warmer.


  2. It sure is a gorgeous view… and I never realised how small the Opera House is when compared to the Sydney skyline…


    • Thank you. even to me, it’s not something that I’ve ever really noticed before, until you mentioned it. I think because the Opera House is in such a prominent position, it’s larger than life.


  3. I remember this view when I was in Sydney, The view is beautiful and I love it…it was the ferry trip I was a little less keen on
    Beautiful Stuff as always


    • How could you be a little less keen on The Manly ferry?! I love this journey! I can think of far nastier ways to get to work, such as being stuck in a traffic jam and there are plenty of those in Sydney šŸ˜‰


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