Day 110 Sunday 17th July 2011

Sunset Watsons Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Today was a rather exciting day, as today, I dropped of my pieces that are going in to the exhibition that I mentioned a few weeks ago. The opening night is on Wednesday 20th July 2011. It was great to meet some of the fellow artists who are in the exhibition. I learnt today, that the exhibition is also part of the celebrations of the gallery celebrating its 22nd birthday.

After delivering my pieces, we then went for a drive around some of the areas of Sydney we don’t visit very often. Watsons Bay is one of them. This is where this photograph was taken. It’s a beautiful place, which is located on Sydney Harbour. Although where I live, it’s also on Sydney Harbour – Sydney Harbour is rather large!

Anyway, enough rambling….I hope you like the photo. By the way, for those who I follow, I am ever so sorry that I haven’t had a chance yet to look at your work from the past week, because I’d been in away in Melbourne, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do with one thing and another and to be honest, it’s been rather chaotic. I promise, I’ll catch up. You nor your work has been forgotten. I really enjoy viewing and commenting. Please don’t hate me for the silence! 🙂


6 comments on “Day 110 Sunday 17th July 2011”

  1. Ha ha ‘Please don’t hate me for the silence!’, you are a funny one. I wish you all the best at the exhibition, opening night is always magical
    Also beautiful photo


  2. Lol.. You’re not the only one who’s been missing some wonderful posts, but my reasons weren’t nearly as enjoyable… Beautiful shot of a wonderful scene as always…


  3. Love the colors and the boats in the water. I miss the warmer days spent taking pictures at the beach!


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