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Day 110 Sunday 17th July 2011

Sunset Watsons Bay, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Today was a rather exciting day, as today, I dropped of my pieces that are going in to the exhibition that I mentioned a few weeks ago. The opening night is on Wednesday 20th July 2011. It was great to meet some of the fellow artists who are in the exhibition. I learnt today, that the exhibition is also part of the celebrations of the gallery celebrating its 22nd birthday.

After delivering my pieces, we then went for a drive around some of the areas of Sydney we don’t visit very often. Watsons Bay is one of them. This is where this photograph was taken. It’s a beautiful place, which is located on Sydney Harbour. Although where I live, it’s also on Sydney Harbour – Sydney Harbour is rather large!

Anyway, enough rambling….I hope you like the photo. By the way, for those who I follow, I am ever so sorry that I haven’t had a chance yet to look at your work from the past week, because I’d been in away in Melbourne, I’ve had a lot of catching up to do with one thing and another and to be honest, it’s been rather chaotic. I promise, I’ll catch up. You nor your work has been forgotten. I really enjoy viewing and commenting. Please don’t hate me for the silence! :-)

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