Day 109 Saturday 16th July 2011

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Today has been a rather exciting day….you may recall my post back in April of when our car broke down over Easter? well, since Easter, we have been without a car…today that changed, as we have now bought a brand new shiny car and it is beau-ti-ful! It also means that I will hopefully be able to take more photographs like this one – of different places, not just of Sydney.

This was taken at a place called Bald Hill, Stanwell Park, NSW, Australia. It’s a place that is rather special to us. A few years ago, I bought my partner, for Christmas a hang gliding experience….and he literally jumped off this very cliff, he hovered like a bird over the ocean and the trees. For several moments, I was worried that I may have sent him to his gloom, but I am pleased to say that there were no mishaps and that they (my partner and the instructor) landed safely on the beach. Not only did I arrange this for my partner, but a year or two later, My Mum was visiting Australia for the first time and I organised (with the same instructor) – for her to hang glide off this cliff also – as a surprise gift to her for her 60th birthday, it was a total shock to her and she totally embraced the opportunity. I have to say that my Mum is braver than I! I’m not sure you’d ever catch me doing something as crazy as this 😉


4 comments on “Day 109 Saturday 16th July 2011”

  1. A blow me away photo–nice!


  2. What an excellent present to give someone and what a beautiful view


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