Day 107 Thursday 14th July 2011

By: smileonlife

Jul 14 2011

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Category: 365 days, Abstract, Life, Photography


Focal Length:4.25mm
Shutter:1/0 sec


I went for a very long walk at lunchtime and came across this tree which to me, was a living piece of art. This photo is of part of the bark. I loved the shapes and patterns. The trunk of the tree really was this colour.

I am finding that I am taking rather a lot of different abstract tree shots at the moment, it’s funny how sometimes all I seem to take is sunrise photos or waterscapes and then suddenly I find myself drawn to something else.


2 comments on “Day 107 Thursday 14th July 2011”

  1. I’d never seen blue tree trunk in my life, just brown and green. It’s good to see something completely new from across the world!


    • Seriously, the trees here fascinate me, they are very different to the trees that I grew up with. I think that’s why I am drawn to them, because they are so incredibly different.


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