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Day 100 Thursday 07th July 2011

Tapestry Tree Trunk

I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw this tree trunk – with all the colours that were going on! I found it to be so incredibly beautiful.

Today, I have reached 100 days of this project – I am so happy to reach this milestone.

I also wanted to say that for the next few days, I will still be taking photographs, but I won’t be able to upload them until next Tuesday, as I am going away for a long weekend – to Melbourne, as it’s my birthday tomorrow (Friday 8th) and my partner has arranged this birthday trip. I am so looking forward to going away, this year, hasn’t been the easiest, so it will be good just to go away for a few days.

I will hopefully take some decent photographs that I can share with you upon my return.

Because I am going away, I won’t be able to check your comments or look at your posts – I promise, I will catch-up upon my return.

Sunshine smiles :-)

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