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Day 94 Friday 01st July 2011


Today, the weather has been rather strange. When I awoke this morning, the sky was really grey and miserable looking, yet within an hour, the clouds had parted and there was a blanket of blue sky, but within 2 hours the clouds started to set in again, so I decided that I should take some photographs whilst there’s still some blue sky in the picture.

As I look out of my window now, all I see is different shades of grey clouds – it looks very dull outside and I am glad to be indoors.

There were quite a few surfers out today, they were dotted about all over the waves, including a couple in this photo – paddling out to the waves.

Although this photo shows some of the clouds from earlier today, at least I have a patch of blue sky that I can hold on to.

Happy July everyone! I love July, it’s a month of smiles.

I took this photo this morning, it’s now 5pm and it’s almost dark, but I just saw a double rainbow! right over the ocean…it was soo beautiful and bright. I hope it brings me some good luck. :-)

Manly Beach, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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