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Day 124 Sunday 31st July 2011

Heart Warming Sunrise

Today, has been an amazing day. Firstly because today, I am celebrating being with my partner for 6 years. We celebrated by spending the weekend away in Jervis Bay and today, we went whale and dolphin watching. We saw several dolphins who came really close to the boat and we saw only a couple of humpback whales – still, better than nothing!! I was so in awe of the bottlenose dolphins that I’m afraid I didn’t take too many photographs of them, so instead, I will have to share this sunrise photograph that I took this morning. It was such a perfect start to the day.

Ah, it’s been such a beautiful weekend away, I wish that it didn’t have to come to an end.

Again, I’m sorry I’ve not replied to comments and viewed others work, I’ll catch up from tomorrow. I am a bad girl!! ;) I’ve not forgotten you, it’s just that last week, was my first 5 day work week, since I was ill, so I’ve been snowed under.

Day 123 Saturday 30th July 2011

Paddle Away!

This weekend, we decided to go to a beautiful area called Jervis Bay, which is a few hours drive south of Sydney.

It’s such a beautiful, relaxing place. This was taken towards the end of the day in the small town called Huskisson.

Where these people were paddling, there were a couple of dolphins who were keeping them company.

Huskisson, Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia

Day 122 Friday 28th July 2011

Rainbow Lorikeet

This morning, before work, I went for a beautiful walk, in the park and came across several beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets, they moved so quickly, moving from one branch to another, this one though, chose to stick around a little longer than the others!

Day 121 Thursday 28th July 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning…

Todays photograph is very different to the one that I took this time last week. Lat week this field was water-logged and the day was filled with rain and grey clouds. Today, on the other hand was filled with sunshine and blue sky, just a pity that I gad to spend most of the day in an office.

Day 120 Wednesday 27th July 2011


This is a night shot of Manly, that I took on my way home from work.

Day 119 Tuesday 26th July 2011

At the End of the Day

After my day at work, I decided to catch the ferry home, rather than being stuck in traffic. After witnessing this sunset, I’m rather glad that I did!

Day 118 Monday 25th July 2011

The Veins of Life

Today, was the first day back at my new old job.

I left the job back in October last year. I am happy to say that they offered me my job back – so I now have 2 jobs this one – Mon to Wed and my other job, Thu – Fri. You may recall a couple of months ago how I was sad that my other job had reduced my hours. That’s why I am so happy about this new old job,plus, I’ve really missed the people who I worked with.

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