Day 87 Friday 24th June 2011

Step Into the Shimmering Light

I woke up early again, so I went to watch the sunrise for the 4th time this week.

As nice as the sunrise was, I prefered the sparkling light that was reflecting on the water and the sand.

I felt as though, if I were to walk/swim through this – I would be charged with all this light and warmth, that I would be glowing inside out.

I didn’t step in to the light, I just thought it…it was too cold. If I’d had my wetsuit with me, I more than likely would have gone in. So, I think, for my next sunrise, I may just do that, so that I can bathe in the light and perhaps I will be re-energised like a rechargeable battery.

Canon D10


10 comments on “Day 87 Friday 24th June 2011”

  1. This is an amazing photograph, amazing light and colour. It looks like bronze — the sea turned into a shining metal. I was in Manly today and wished I’d been in touch to let you know. Maybe next week I will go again, and I’ll let you know.


  2. Sam, this is so beautiful. It soothes my soul just to look at this image, and I feel like I’m in a world made of dreams. I wish I could go bathe in the light, too – I’m sure it will be magical :).


  3. All I can think of to say is: WOW!

    Great shot!


  4. Beautiful shot. The metallic colours being reflect look amazing. I like the idea of recharging in the sun. Let me know how that goes!
    Astra Wally


  5. I keep coming back to this image. Can’t explain it but have to admit, I’m hooked.


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