Day 83 Monday 20th June 2011

In the Beginning

I woke up early this morning and walked to the next little coastal town, called Freshwater. I’ve never been here at sunrise before – and I can’t believe what I have been missing out on. I have some serious making up to do! It was so peaceful and beautiful. I was the only person there, watching the sun come up, with the waves splashing against the rocks.

What an absolutely perfect start to the day and week! I am determined to have a really positive, happy week and I wish the same for everyone else too.

Watching the sunrise this morning…I feel so alive.


10 comments on “Day 83 Monday 20th June 2011”

  1. Absolutely amazing! Congrats 😉


  2. WOW! Stunning shot! I love how you’ve captured the colors of the sunrise and the magnificence of the sea. Makes me want to be there!


    • Thank you, I couldn’t believe just how beautiful it was this morning. I’ve had a change of plans for tomorrow, so I’m going to go back there tomorrow morning too. 🙂 I hope it’s a nice morning!


  3. A thrilling and gentle moment! The surge and peace, and a perfect place to stand and welcome light.


  4. Amazing picture. Strong in colour, light and composition. I love the bursting energy of it all, simply beautiful. It surely will be a good week!
    Astra Wally


  5. So stunning! The picutre bursts with life, I love it.


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